Our AP Poets

Spring 2012

  • Begin our project by starting your own page with your name and the name of your poet.
  • Type the two poems you have chosen, numbering the lines
  • For each of the two poems, type a 300 to 500 word explication.
    • Explication means literally “an unfolding” of the poem. You “should explain the entire poem, in detail, unraveling any complexities to be found in it” (Kennedy, X.J. 2148). Discuss the poem line by line, looking for details such as “allusions, denotations or connotations of words, the possible meanings of symbols, the effects of certain sounds and rhythms and formal elements (rhyme schemes, for instance), the sense of any statements that contain irony, and other particulars” (2148). Your textbook (from which I have just quoted) has an excellent example of an explication of Robert Frost’s “Design” on pages 2149 – 2153. Take time to read that example carefully.
  • Your commentary may include, but should not be limited to, personal reaction or response to the poem.
  • Add a link to something visual or auditory that will help us relate to each of your poems. You also could copy another poem which you think compares or contrasts to the one in your poems.
  • Post your wiki page commentary by 4:00, Monday, March 26. The second wiki post for an additional two poems by your poet will be due Wednesday, April 13.
  • Respond to a wiki post of one of your classmates for each of the four weeks in April (see matrix handout for dates).

Important Turn-in Dates:

March 26 – Wiki post 1 due (2 poems)
April 4 – Poetry analysis 1 due (1 poem from first wiki post, using outside sources)
April 13 – Wiki post 2 due (2 poems)
April 25 – Poetry analysis 2 due (1 poem from 2nd wiki post, using outside sources)